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Handyman Make More Money with Your Own interactive website

Homeowners purchase and schedule pre-priced services and products live right off your website

  • Language/time zone compatibility
  • No employment regulatory liability
  • No recruitment expenses
  • Quick on-boarding
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    Website That Sells For You 24/7 While You Are At Work Or With Your Family

    Welcome to
    Handyman Promotions, Inc.

    Don't spend your valuable time driving around quoting on jobs that may never happen

    Get more jobs and make more money with less work on your part from a system that sells your services and remodeling products

    Handyman Promotions software works for you 24/7 selling jobs and delivers them right to your phone with no interaction from you.

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    • Projects Delivered
      7,549+ Projects Delivered
    • Employees
      200+ Employees
      Delighted Clients
      5,370+ Delighted Clients
    • Years of Industry Experience
      21+ Years of Industry Experience

    Website That Sells For You 24/7 While You Are At Work Or With Your Family

    Here Are Just Some Of
    The Features...

    Powerful Website That Sells
    You are getting a powerful professional designed website that will be your absolute online sales force with virtually no interaction from you.
    Make More Money Selling Products
    Your website sells remodeling products from a trusted source with services as a combo, this is a grteat convineience service for your customers, saving them valuable time and additional income on the same sevice call.
    Receive Jobs, Not Quote Requests
    Our built in, pre-priced, described services and remodeling products allow visitors to purchase services and products right off your website. A great way to get JOBS and NOT requests.
    Targeted To Your Are
    Your website is designed to be found in your selected zip code areas that you want to work in. You can include or exclude towns by simply checking on and off zip codes.
    Administration Dashboard
    Log into your dashboard and change the look of your home page, change your hourly rate that revises all your services prices, block off days and/or times of the day that you don't want to work.
    Customized To Fit Your Business
    Easily customize your home page and website's format. You can make these changes any time.

    Are you ready to make more MONEY?

    Let’s talk about your idea. We can help you elevate your business by developing conversion-focused solutions.

    Professionally Designed, Fully Interactive Website That Gets Jobs

    Win jobs instantly and at higher prices from a website that sells jobs for you 24/7 with no interaction from you!
    Standard home page templates that accurately showcase your handyman trade services in an array of colors.
    Fully responsive website that looks great and functions seamlessly on all size devices.
    Mobile interactive fully enaging site that search engines love to rank high.

    Here's How It Works

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    Sign up be clicking the button below. Create an account and choose the plan that works for you.
    Set Up
    We'll get some information about your business and start setting up your site.
    Start Getting Jobs
    Your website will book jobs straight from the customer and on to your scheduler with no interaction from you while you are spending time with your family or working on another job.

    Why Do You Need A Pro Service Site?

    Be Found Online!

    You can finally be found online in the cities you service. This means more business. Ideally, more than you can handle.

    We'll Keep It Updated

    You will never need to worry about updating your site or the technology behind it. We handle all of that including adding new features.

    24/7 Sales Machine

    You will not have to sell jobs yourself to your website visiter, you 24/7 website sales machine will bring you jobs, not quote request that waste your time.

    Affordable Monthly Leasing Prices

    FREE 3 Month trial offerof our website "PRO" plan to the first 3applicants, please fll out this form to win you free trial.

    PRO website & limited marketing

    $199 Per Month

    PRO PLUS Everything from PRO Website Plus Full SEO Services.

    $399 Per Month

    PRO ULTIMATE Everything from "PRO" and "PRO PLUS" plus PPC Management Services That Grow your Businesses.

    $599 Per Month

    The Complete Turn Key Website For Your Handyman Business

    Let’s talk about your idea. We can help you elevate your business by developing conversion-focused solutions.

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    Ground Floor Opportunity

    This is a ground floor opportunity with a FREE 3 Monh of our basic website PRO plan, We don't have any tesimonials yet. please fill out this form for more details.

    This is a ground floor opportunity with a FREE 3 Monh of our basic website PRO plan, We don't have any reviews yet. please fill out this form for more details.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    We currently have no clients that are leasing any of our plans, this is a ground floor opportunity that we offer a FREE 3 month trial use of our website "PRO" plan to the first 3 applicants.

    Prices on all 600 plus services listed on your website are calculated and job scope described based per industry standards and our own over 20 years experience, you can yourself easily adjust these prices according to your area's going rates from your own dedicated administration portal with a simple click, it is a very simple process that at this point we don't reveal how these prices calculate and adjusted by you.

    We have an initial $275.00 set up fee, then our service is month-to-month. Note: After the up front set up fee you will be billed monthly in the first 6 months. You do not pay for 6 months up-front.

    For new businesses on a tight budget that basically want a presence on the web the "PRO" website will do, this is a stepping stone to our recommended full SEO services. For established businesses, and businesses located in high population areas (exceeding 50K population) we recommend the "PRO PLUS" that includes full SEO Services. For established businesses with at least $200K annual revenue, and looking to grow we recommend the "PRO ULTIMATE" that includes PPC and social media management, (Note: Does no include Google or social media ads). Please fill out a get started form, and we will send you additional resources that can help.

    Yes of course, Just let us know and we will switch your plan, there is no fee upgrading plans.

    Yes for a negotiate fee but not the data and blog content, if you decide to terminate the service your website will show a list of your services but not the prices and the job scope descriptions or live scheduling, this is a very interactive website that relies on the ever changing data and technology that regularly needs maintenance. we do however offer an option to purchase our current data and blog content export our updates to the data will not automatically transfer to your website but you will have the capability to update all your data and content from your own administration portal as needed for different states and areas.

    This is not a franchise that you have to pay royalties and controlled by Handyman Promotions, you free to promote your website in any area, USA state or foreign country but also others can promote in your area, there is no advantage to have exclusive right to your area as Since Google shows results for any website that is published in internet and they are not bound by internal territories rights.